Advanced Cholesterol Clinic

Disease Management Above the Standard: non-invasive interventional plaque therapy

The Only Advanced Cholesterol Clinic in New Jersey Directed by an Experienced Cardiologist-Lipidologist

Advanced Cholesterol Therapy is the Cornerstone

Dr. R. deGoma became one of the first two cardiologists in New Jersey to become board certified in Clinical Lipidology in 2005. As an experienced cardiologist who is determined to find a way to stop the cycle of recurring cardiovascular events among his patients, aggressive lipid management became the foundation of prevention. In STENO-2, cholesterol management accounted for over 70% of the risk reduction.

Plaque Therapy

There is no type of treatment other than lipid therapy that causes predictable beneficial changes in plaque morphology and stops the normal progressive course of atherosclerosis. Only optimal lipid therapy has been demonstrated to reliably cause plaque stabilization, stop plaque progression and even induce plaque regression. Aggressive lipid therapy in patients with significant plaque burden is a noninvasive interventional treatment that treats not just one plaque but all plaques.

The Only One With Published Performance Data

Closing The Treatment Gap

This is Dr. R. deGoma's performance data -  85% of high risk patients to minimum target goals, instead of just 18% in the L-TAP story.  The remains the best published performance data in the US to date. After three years, the cycle of recurring events declined and after 5 years, it stopped. 

The Only One That Developed Care Innovations to Close the Treatment Gap


The wide treatment nationwide was uncovered in 2001 - most patients with heart disease (72%) were treated adequately or not treated at all. Recurring cycle of largely preventable cardiovascular events is very common among such patients. Dr. R. deGoma developed care innovations to successfully treat as many high risk patients as possible.

Patient Mentoring and Coaching - An Important Key to Improved Outcomes

Patient Mentoring to Maximize Compliance

Patient and physician misinformation is widespread creating confusion, noncomplaince and poor performance. While a physician - patient one-to-one interaction is essential, it is can very time consuming. Using slides, patients are able to comprehend fully their disease and how treatment works, etc. 

Public, Employer and Physician Education

The media is flooded with misinformation which confused both physicians and the public. Some well known physicians who are even directors of prevention clinics refuse to use statin in women for primary prevention (those who are at high risk but have not yet suffered a heart attack or stroke) when in fact more women than men die from largely preventable cardiovascular disease everyday. They claim that a placebo-controlled statin trial just for women is needed.  Physicians, do no harm. Witholding safe and effective treatment from men or women that will benefit from it because of one’s special interest does harm - it kills and disables many Americans everyday.

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